The Art of Extinct Animals:

Pop-Up Palaeoart Exhibition


Wednesday 13th December, 18:00-20:00


Chapters & Nash Lecture Theatre

King’s College London Strand Campus, WC2R 2LS (map)



Attendance is free, but registration is required.  Please sign up here:



Featuring art and talks by:



In this one-evening pop-up exhibition, some of the UK’s leading palaeontological artists will be showcasing their artwork and talking about how they go about reconstructing extinct animals and lost environments. 


Join us to think about: How can artists reconstruct and recreate the life of the past? What challenges, techniques and difficulties are there in this process?  How does the history of palaeontological artwork affect current conventions in the field?  And what does palaeontological artwork tell us about the relations between science and art? 


This event is taking place as part of Popularizing Palaeontology Workshop II, and being funded by the King’s Together scheme and the History Department at King’s College London. 

For more details or if you have any questions, please contact chris.manias AT