Workshop 6: media

London, september 2019

The final workshop will examine issues of genre and media, focussing on particular types of media used for the representation of palaeontological themes (such as film, documentaries, exhibition displays, newspaper stories, books, novels, and lectures), and the role that the media has had in conditioning the interaction between scientists and publics.  

We will be engaging with questions like:

  • Which media have been most significant in shaping public notions of palaeontology?  How has this changed over time?
  • What considerations have palaeontologists and science communicators made when adapting their work to particular forms of media?
  • How have media institutions used palaeontological research, and how have they interacted with palaeontologists?
  • How do ideas and messages move across different genres and media, and what shifts occur in them as they do so?




Videos & Audio of talks coming soon!