Will Tattersdill, Different Things which Work the Same: Analogies of Prehistoric Life in Pixar’s The Good Dinosaur (2015)


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About the Talk

This paper reads Pixar’s The Good Dinosaur (2015) in an effort to understand the complex ways in which the dinosaur functions in popular culture. Pixar’s film, despite its bad reviews, offers an intriguing intersection of social preoccupations as well as a concerted attempt to make the dinosaur do something different. It is this question of what the dinosaur does – and how – which leads me to suggest a kind of bridge between the supposedly estranged discourses of Literature and Science.  (slides redacted for copyright reasons)



Will Tattersdill is Lecturer in Victorian Literature at the University of Birmingham and is currently writing about the cultural work performed by the figure of the dinosaur. His Science, Fiction, and the Fin-de-Siècle Periodical Press was published by Cambridge University Press in 2016