Shaena Montanari, Dinosaur DOctors: Science Outreach in a Hospital Setting


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About the Talk

Dinosaur Doctors is a newly launched outreach program aimed at getting kids in hospital access to fossil and dinosaur related hands-on activities. Outreach programs in hospitals commonly focus on art, music, and creative activities, but rarely does natural science outreach occur in this setting. Palaeontology outreach is an extremely popular way to get children interested in science and Dinosaur Doctors makes it accessible for everyone. Dinosaur Doctors has been successful in its first runs at Edinburgh Sick Kids and will continue to bring palaeontology to the hospital setting around the world.



Shaena is a Newton International Fellow at the University of Edinburgh working on uncovering archives of modern and ancient ecology locked in bones. She is also a contributor at Forbes online, where she writes about paleontology, natural history, and comparative biology. She received her PhD from the Richard Gilder Graduate School at the American Museum of Natural History in New York City.