Dave Marshall, The Virtual Natural History Museum

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About the Talk

As museums continue to digitise their collections, palaeontological resources are becoming more available than ever, however, the way in which this material is presented to the public has not radically changed. The Virtual Natural History Museum (V-NHM) project is intended to improve the consumption of existing palaeontological resources by collating them under a public-oriented user interface. The V-NHM will be a computer game museum that delivers multimedia content through an engaging and intuitive interface. It will possess all of the educational benefits of a real museum, but will be free from any physical limitations.



Dave Marshall is a part-time PhD student at the University of Bristol, studying the evolution of eurypterids (sea scorpions) and the outreach officer for the Cabot Institute. Dave also produces and hosts the award-winning palaeontology podcast series Palaeocast and is leading the Virtual Natural History Museum project.